Mentor Team

Red Tent End of Life Doula trainees are asked to undertake a minimum of monthly mentoring and supervision for twelve months as part of the training process.  Awen and Alexandra have invited a team of people to join the programme as mentors for the trainees.  Learn more about each of them below.

Bryony Wildblood13692686_10207813718953407_803851754439205312_n

**Bryony is not available as a mentor until 2019**

Bryony is a OneSpirit interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor based in the South-East of England. She works in Surrey as a hospice chaplain, journeying alongside people as they travel through life and loss in its many forms. She works with people of all faiths and none, with the intent to meet people where they are, and love them. She supports patients and carers both in day services, and in the community, offering one-to-one spiritual counselling sessions, group work, as well as healing rituals and sacraments. She works closely with many patients and their families to pre-plan their funerals, as part of a wider spiritual and healing journey. Recently, she has been involved in developing a “rehabilitative palliative approach” – which aims to support patients and their families to live life more fully from a much earlier stage in their diagnosis.

She trained as a funeral celebrant with the award-winning Green Fuse, Totnes; She has also trained in Conscious Transitioning into Death and shamanic psychopomping, two different forms for aiding the soul to cross into whatever lies beyond. She sees her funeral work as part of this wider landscape, and her role at the hospice allows her to offer ongoing bereavement support to the families that she works with. In addition to the services that she offers as a minister and chaplain, she also works with people on a one-to-one basis, offering spiritual counselling and “soul work” (which introduces some of the more embodied, ritualistic and healing elements of my spiritual practices to the more traditional counselling format).

A nomadic soul, she sought a sense of belonging in various locations, professions and spiritual practices before discovering her passion for ministry, which is essentially her passion for life. She is an artist and a dreamer; a healer, a dancer, an everyday mystic. Her spiritual path has been an embodied pilgrimage through sacred circle dance and 5 Rhythms; it has been a spiraling journey of Shamanic Dreaming and Movement Medicine; it has been an exploration of Advaita Vedanta, an ongoing to surrender to what is… awakening to the now that is always available, to the Boundless Awareness at the heart of the universe. It remains an emerging and ongoing surrender to life and all its mystery.

**Please note that Bryony is not taking on new mentees until Summer 2019**

Lilli Hardebeck Becker21055027_484379831922815_8020219702191504080_o

Apprentice Crone,
InterFaith minister & celebrant,
free-lance accounts + admin support

intuitive – practical – generous
socially slightly awkward – deep – witty
no nonsense – loving
multi lingual – multi cultural

40 years of experience as counsellor with eclectic mix of client centred listening, NLP, CG Jung inspired shadow dancing, dreaming, deep association, Tarot

over 10 years’ experience in ‘sitting’ with people, ill or in their own worlds or in the process of dying, ‘tuning’ into nonverbal communication, being as tidy and rational about it as possible

in regular i.e. monthly supervision

being inspired by and drawing from the Cycle of the Year, gardening, soil, music,
open fires, wild water, The Hills, and a deep joy from ceremonies and rituals

Jo Rogers19905275_10154682532656500_5789310887971299261_n

Jo is a Journey Companion, weaving together the skills and experience of her path to bring healing, sacred sound, fierce compassion and companionship in service to all beings. She manifests this calling to serve by meeting people where they are and offering a place for them to rest, explore, heal and be brave in. She is inspired by the profound interconnectedness of life, the moment when a connection is made with another, and the wild alchemy at the heart of healing and wholeness.

Jo walks hand in hand with spirit on the roads of grief, beauty, deep sorrow and boundless wonder. Her touch is light but her roots are deeply nestled in the land and nourished by the Divine in all things. Overcoming serious illness and living with it’s aftereffects has been a rich and valued teacher, and Jo is always grateful to receive the wisdom that comes from listening to her body and her heart’s voice. Supporting others to find practices that sustain and strengthen them makes her soul sing.

Her own journey back to herself is filled with touching the pulse of the land, singing to the trees, dancing in the starlight and standing strong on the bridge between worlds. She is both practical and spiritual and loves to blend current science and evidence with the ancient truths she knows in her bones.

Su Barber20245477_10155022747633323_6591596292452784599_n

Su has been a Birthing from Within Mentor and Birth Story Listener since 2008. She works with Mothers and families, helping people to return to themselves when feeling lost, healing after a traumatic time, finding joy again. She is looking forward to working within this new time of change and transition for families. She was often around death as a young child, in her grandparents Rest Home and at the death of dear relatives. She would like to learn more and help others to ease any suffering at the end of life.