Red Tent End of Life is a circle with Alexandra Wilson and Awen Clement at the heart of it.  Brought together by Nicola Goodall of Red Tent Doulas, they are delighted to be working together to bring a community led, circle based training to the world of End of Life care.  Read more about Alexandra and Awen below.

About Alexandra

Alexandra lives and works in Snowdonia, North Wales as a birthkeeper, end of life doula, healer, spiritual counsellor and independent minister and ceremonialist. Her introduction to working in service of the Soul began young; her father died when she was 14 and intuitively Alexandra knew how to midwife his soul; this early encounter with death and the reassurance of what she experienced beyond the veil sparked her spiritual quest through Buddhism, past life regression, Reiki, imagework, training as a yoga and meditation teacher, yoga scripture, Sufism, shamanic practice and working with ancestral voices and soul clearance before training as an interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor.

In recent years Alexandra was surprised and delighted to be asked to attend friends’ births and so she trained with Nicola Goodall of Red Tent Doula Preparation. Amazed from the outset at how the issues so often encountered in her journeys with people to and through death are paralleled in our birth experiences and also sensing a Homecoming and sacred recognition of that ancient midwife archetype Alexandra felt she had found a community to which she completely and utterly belonged. As the death and birthwork has interwoven a key area of focus for Alexandra has been on grief and working with grief as a pathway to healing and joy.

About Awen

Awen is a mother of four, a doula, a storykeeper, a priestess of the divine feminine and an independent celebrant. She has been working with women for many years, holding space, supporting healing and journeying with women as they head towards birth and beyond. She has always held a vision of being a wise woman of times past, supporting her community at the beginning of life and also at its end. She believes that life is to be celebrated.

Her work is a path of song and storykeeping, using voice and drum and time and space to hold and carry people in their stories. Stories of birth, love, life and death. She works deeply with the energy of the land and the trees and with the Goddess, Mother of us all.
Coming together with Alexandra to offer the Red Tent End of Life programme draws together many threads of work and training for Awen. She brings to the partnership and the training programme strengths in ceremony and holding space and a strong need and desire to bring people into remembering what they already know, to bring them back into connection with cultures and traditions that they know in their soul and spirit.

Honouring Our Teachers

Both Alexandra and Awen feel it is important to acknowledge where they have come from and who’s work influences their own. Find here a list of those whom we have worked and learnt with.

Alexandra’s Teachers

Roger Woolger, Jen Kershaw and Paul Williamson – For more about Roger and his work: http://rogerwoolger.org/ and part of Roger’s legacy and Jen’s work is the Soul Voyagers Network: http://soul-voyagers.net/

Geoff Thompson and his work with the Youth Charter: http://www.youthcharter.co.uk

Morag Leiper: http://gaiadance.webs.com/

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation: https://www.interfaithfoundation.org/

Nicola Goodall: http://redtentdoulas.co.uk/

Llewellyn Vaughn Lee and the writings of Irina Tweedie: http://www.goldensufi.org/

My mother Lynne Wilson and her work in spirituality and adult education in communities: https://makethemostof.co.uk/communities/the-denbigh-carriageworks-project-denbigh-north-wales

The work of Stephen Jenkinson, the writings of Francis Weller, the work of Phyllida Anam-Aire for her work with keening and thank you to Audicia Morley and Ilona Kastner for their work to develop grief ceremonies.

Stephen Jenkinson: https://orphanwisdom.com/

Francis Weller: http://www.francisweller.net/

Phyllida Anam Aire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zeh2KCuJ5GQ

Awen’s Teachers

Kate Woods of Conscious Birthing Doulas – http://www.consciousbirthing.co.uk

Taggart King at Reiki Evolution – http://www.reiki-evolution.co.uk/

Rebecca Wright – http://www.rebalancingwoman.com/

Sheila Kitzinger – who was amongst the first who taught me how to be with and listen and who left a legacy of work when she died in 2015

Jane Hardwicke Collings – www.moonsong.com.au

The music, writing and art of Carolyn Hillyer for teaching me about the weaving of land, people and ancestors – www.seventhwavemusic.co.uk

It is without doubt that this list will grow for both of us, as life and learning are a journey. Also we acknowledge all the learning and sharing we receive from all of the people in our lives, with gratitude for every circle we have sat in and for all that is to come as we walk onward in our lives and in this work.