Introducing Samina Ali

I’ve been travelling around Colombia and Europe learning about different cultures and self-sustaining communities over the last 15 months. Permacultural and spiritual intentional communities have inspired me the most, and now i’m looking to combine what I’ve learned about food and farming on the land, with my Dance & Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) work.


Don’t be fooled by the use of dance above, DMP is predominantly working with the truth of the body, allowing the movement and unfolding of that which has got stuck or forgotten, and allowing the body to create new ways of being, which many ancient cultures call upon through dance. This is not necessarily the aesthetically pleasing dance we have become accustomed to in the mainstream sense of the words, but more of a creative healing art form. Dance is a healing medium on many levels…physical, emotional and metaphysical, and I am constantly moved by people’s embodied stories, including my own! We are how we walk, move and dance on this earth, and neuroscience and quantum physics is also catching up with scientifically demonstrating how this works. Using this medium I have worked with adults with schizophrenia, children and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities,  children experiencing difficulties in primary schools, the elderly, and eco-communities – to assist with improved communications and conflict resolution. I would like to attend to these labels used above, in that I see a future where we don’t need to differentiate people with labels, although for now it serves as a simplistic definition of client and clinical groups as a practising psychotherapist, but I imagine a future where there’s no need to do this, as we come to realise (or see with “real eyes”) that we all experience common ground with each and every person that exists….the more we unravel and unfold, the more we are all alike.


I have a deep passion for people and nature, and so interweaving the above is what I have been doing for the last 5 years, helping Watford and Kings Langley develop in their Transition Town Movement that Totnes founded, which not only strives for a more sustainable future by growing organic food, but also helps support the local independent businesses over multi corporations to contribute to a strong community ethos and economy, and not forgetting those who are currently disadvantaged such as the homeless and mentally vulnerable. And now I live in Cae Mabon – an astoundingly picturesque wild ancient mountainous terrain with an inspiring waterfall and Lake.


For 13 years previous, I have worked within the NHS and medical industry,  learning where the gaps are for health and wellbeing in these structures, and learning training, coaching,  people and financial management skills within large organisations.


Here’s to a better world full of love, joy, respect, peace and unity.

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