GDPR Compliance Statement

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Wild Doula Partnership T/A Red Tent Doula Preparation

Data Protection Policy Statement: GDPR Compliance

Wild Doula Partnership only gathers personal data for the purposes of communications on matters relating to our business from people who sign up to do our training; or express interest in our training. We keep a simple list of data in password secured folder on a personal computer also password protected; the relevance of that data will be reviewed twice yearly and if not currently relevant to business will be deleted.

The only storage of data is in the form of name, address, phone and email contact lists and may be stored in the Gmail contacts lists or on the Partners’ mobile phones; or in a secure spreadsheet. The computers and mobiles we use are not shared, they are code/password protected as is our email account.

We undertake not to collect any more data than is necessary; to only use the data for the purpose for which we collect it (communications) and we will not use it for other purposes and never will we share personal data with a third party.

If we collect names and contact details of people who attend workshops and trainings on paper then these details will be transferred to Gmail and the paper shredded.

We do receive, as part of our application process, an individuals religious or spiritual views which is one of the areas considered “sensitive” information by GDPR. The emails that applicants send to us are only seen by the Partners and need only be kept for the duration of that individuals 12 months training period. The emails are saved to a folder and reviewed regularly to ensure anything over 12 months is purged.

At any time any one can ask us what data we have for them and we will respond as soon as is reasonably possible; definitely within a week. This policy sets out the parameters of what we gather and why but we will issue a statement to the individual of what we hold on them and how securely.

At any time any one can ask that their personal data is deleted from our records and we will act immediately to do so.

The RTEOL Doula prep courses will be rolled out within the EU from 2019 and beyond from 2020. RTEOL will retain the responsibility for ensuring that any data collected is held securely; we will ask any individual or organisation that we work with to ensure that they comply with GDPR (if within EU) and when we travel further afield we will retain the control of the data and any third party assisting us on the ground will not have access to it unless they become an employee or associate of Wild Doulas T/A RTEOL and in which case they would be subject to our policies.

The following statement will be issued with any request for data (name, contact details, religious/spiritual beliefs):

Red Tent End of Life Doula Preparation is the delivery name of Wild Doula Partnership and we gather basic personal data from each of our students for the purpose of communication. We store this data in Gmail contact lists and in an excel sheet; these are secure and no one but us has access to them. We will never share your data with any one else. We will keep your data for the duration of your training with us (12 months) after which time your application email will be deleted and you will be asked whether you wish to remain on our contacts and mailing lists. You can request from us at any time details of what data we hold and you can also ask at any time for us to delete it and we will do so.”

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