Turn left at love, straight on till morning

How do you find your way? With a map? A sat nav? Following the stars?

For some a map is old fashioned, restrictive, boundaried, for others it offers clarity and direction.

For some a sat nav is easy, clear guidance spoken out loud. Others can’t stand being told what to do.

Following the stars is the oldest way, before paper maps and technology. But not many people now could say they could navigate by them in any literal way. And yet, some of us steer our lives by something other, without map or technology, without being told or led. Guided by some inner compass, or by some sense of moon and stars.

Perhaps then, how we navigate life may also be how we navigate towards the end of life? Some of us will want a map, a clear route laid out but with room to make choices along the road. Some of us will want a sat nav, to be told where to go on a very specific route. And some of us will follow the stars, some of us will follow our inner compass, our inner guidance and trust that we will find the way that is right for us. Others may find a combination of all three is what is needed.

Are any of these ways wrong? No, not at all. We all should choose the way that works for us, without judgement from others. We should be able to share our ways, without fear of criticism or rejection for our choices.

We are all in charge of our selves, of the ship of our lives. Some of us need to be up top, hands on the wheel firmly, with a clear view of where we are going. Some of us need time to be in the hold, and allow it to take us where it will. Some of us will hold on tight to the mast, and resist the movement of the waves of life, and some of us will turn and use the mast to support us at our backs, as we open our arms and hearts to all that is to come.

The important bit, is that we love each other through our choices, through our steering or through our resistance.


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