Balm for our wounds

Each Friday students, mentors and facilitators gather on Zoom to check in and discuss whatever is arising in us as we forge this new path together. The conversations are rich, intimate and beautiful… and confidential. And yet it seems vital to capture the topics that we discuss so that they can be shared with others as they join.

Today we talked of the wounds that come from not knowing our ancestry; that the work that we are doing now is a reclamation of old ways but for modern times and collectively in the so-called “developed” world we have largely lost that connection. Who are we? Where did we come from? Because surely where we come from, we return to… whatever it is we believe that is.

We talked about support; how, even when we know full well that asking for help is super important; even though we ourselves are fantastic support for other people; why is asking for help and leaning on others sometimes so difficult? We talked about vulnerability, fear that we will fall if we lean and our support gives way, issues of abandonment and rejection.

So many of us identify with the “lone wolf” and it was discussed how a lone wolf is so because they have a pack to leave. They are not solitary animals by nature, as such, but rather they make that choice themselves. We talked about the finding of our pack, our tribe, our soul family. The choice to be a lone wolf is not really an option when doing this work with the dying; we must hold together to support each other.

Another metaphor from nature is that of the flying geese. There is no leader as such, just one that takes the lead. They can only be at the front because of all those behind them; they fly further and faster for flying together; the V creates an aero dynamic that propels them and reduces fatigue and the leadership rotates so it can be sustained. This is us.

Another theme in what we discussed was attending to our physical needs; illness, injury (whether from this life or a past life) being something to remind us to deepen ever more into care of our own bodies with good nutrition, rest, hydration, relaxation.

So… the key points from today are:

How is my physical body? What do I need to do today to care for my body?

What is my support structure? Whom do I trust? Can I lean a little closer today?

Who are my pack, my tribe, my soul family? Where do I belong?

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